The Board of Equalization administers the property tax system and oversees the fifty-eight County Assessors. This is exactly the work I have been dedicated to throughout my career. For thirty years I have been a passionate defender of your property tax rights at the Board of Equalization. This has been my life's work. Every year there are challenges and changes to the property tax system that have substantial impacts on California families and communities. It is more important now than ever to have an individual with

David Dodson California Board of Equalization.

this unique form of expertise to guide the Board of Equalization on the best path forward. As your elected Board member, I will lead the Board to understand the impacts of their actions and strive to address the neglected elements of our system. I will act on opportunities that will improve efficiency, fairness, and contribute to the health of our community.

     There is so much that can be done. Please join me in ensuring a bright future for California and our property tax system.

-David Dodson, Candidate for Board of Equalization. 

Why I'm Running
for the BOE

David Dodson IS the most qualified candidate!

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