David Dodson Candidate Board of Equalization
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Schools and local communities rely on property tax revenue. David will protect the rights of taxpayers while respecting the need for revenues. He will close loopholes and focus the Board on the constitutional duties of the department. Southern California is facing an affordable housing crisis. The number of unhoused is rampant. David has served under Proposition 13 for his entire career. Although some elements of Prop 13 remain controversial, David has seen how it protects homeowners in our brutal real estate environment. The family home is one of the few avenues for working and middle class families to build wealth.

Many believe Proposition 13 is written in stone. In fact, property tax law changes every year. You deserve someone with the experience and knowledge necessary to navigate these changes. David will support laws that encourage the highest level of owner occupied home ownership. 


There are times when action is required and David has stepped up to fill the void. Every election is about a choice. Any voter who researches David and his opponent will immediately discover that David is the most qualified candidate for Board of Equalization.

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