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Paulajean Eagleman


I worked with David Dodson at the BOE for 6 years. He is a principled and dedicated public servant. His years of experience make him the ideal candidate for the BOE. I know he will serve the taxpayers of District 4 with honor and integrity.

Mike Ash, BOE Retired

I worked with and for David Dodson for 13.68 years. It was a pleasure and an honor to serve with him. His knowledge and experience in all matters related to business and property taxes is immense. As a boss he was calm and patient; and he listened. And more than anything, he understood that "Equalization"  means serving the people. He is exactly the kind of leader we need working for us and without doubt the most qualified.

Josephine D., North Orange County

Phuong Tram Duong, San Diego

Perri Pendleton, President of Women of the Wells

I feel the need to promote my friend of 40 years, David Dodson. He is running for the Board of Equalization. He has been a career public servant for 30 years in Southern California. Property tax has been his life's work and with his knowledge, experience & integrity, he is the one most qualified to guide the agency forward. We don't need another career politician just phoning it in! Please vote for David Dodson for the BOE at our next primary election in June 2022!!

Angel Gomez, Energy Operations

Angel Gomez has known candidate David Dodson for over 6 years. In this video Angel endorses David for the State Board of Equalization.

Jonathan Mason, Market Manager

It is my privilege to recommend David Dodson. David is uniquely qualified for this office due to his 30 years experience within the State Board of Equalization Property Tax office and is not a career politician out for his own personal interests. He is genuinely focused on supporting the individual constituents of the great communities that make up our district. I have had the pleasure of knowing David over 40 years. He is a dedicated and loyal family man, friend, and neighbor who's service to the State,

John Gjata, Product & Project Manager

If you ever wanted to elect someone for office that is not a typical politician, then David Dodson is your guy. Honest, conscientious, experienced and knowledgeable, he has worked in the office that oversees your property tax rolls for more than 30 years, served in the military, family/churchgoing man, and old-school surfer. What more can you want? Dodson for BOE!

Sam Ghareebo, President RCC

David is a honest and humble person who I have had the privilege to know for many years. He is a very concerned individual who will protect our tax dollars. He will make sure that taxes are spent wisely. Who is better to vote for than the man who has seen it all with his knowledge and work experience. 

Genice Jacobs, Marketing Consultant

I have known David Dodson for almost 40 years and can attest to his strength of character, integrity and commitment to the community.

Linda Wallace-Phelps, Orange County

I met David and his family through our church and know him to be dedicated, trustworthy and committed to service and to our communities.

Scudder Mersman

I approve of this candidate and have known him a long time.

Edward Spooner, San Diego

I have known David Dodson for over 25 years and can say without reservation that he is a straightforward, honest and trustworthy businessman and family man. 

Margaret McNeil, San Diego

I’ve known David for over 30 years. He’s someone who is hardworking and dedicated to the Board of Equalization , and he has so much experience being a career civil servant and always working to make everything in his power to better the system. David really is the only qualified candidate and I fully endorse him.

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Richard Schneer


Gillian Moberg, Redondo Union High School, Teacher

Holly Cislaw, Property Manager

Ronald Simenauer, Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank