David Dodson Candidate Board of Equalization
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David Dodson is the most experienced and qualified candidate for California's Board of Equalization.

He has developed a high degree of expertise, experience and contacts in this specialized field. David's duties include publishing the Assessment Standards Survey, a compliance audit of Assessor's offices.

David has worked for the Los Angeles County Assessor as a Property Tax Appraiser.

He has worked as a Property Appraiser, instructor, Supervisor and Appraiser with the Board of Equalization for thirty years.

He currently runs the Southern California office of the Board of Equalization.


Meet David

A business graduate from the University of Arizona, David also attended San Diego State



David's dad served as an Officer in the U.S. Army. David was born at Fort Knox Army Hospital. His uncle and father-in-law served in the U.S. Navy. David proudly served in the United States Coast Guard Reserve.

David's mother is a revered teacher at Cypress College. His wife Penny is a Special Education Paraeducator in Capistrano School District. David's sister is a teacher in Los Angeles. His son works as a Paraeducator in the Santa Ana School District and is attending school in Fullerton to become a teacher. David's daughter graduated from the University of Arizona with a Political Science/Natural Resources Degree and currently works at the Berkeley County Animal Shelter.

David Dodson watching the waves in Dana Point with pet dog Coral.

He has been a union member throughout his career with SEIU and ACSS. David always contributed additional dues for union political activity and he has lobbied with his union at California's State Capital. His wife, mother, brother, sister, son and daughter are all enthusiastic union members.

David loves surfing, hiking and outdoor activities. As an environmentalist, he participates in beach and trail cleanups. Active in his community, David volunteers at schools and kids sports and was a PTA Treasurer. An animal advocate, David and his family have a long tradition of adopting and fostering rescue pets. 

David lives in Dana Point with his wife Penny where they raised two children. In September 2021, David and Penny became first time grandparents. David is driven to make positive changes to help Californian's current and future generations.

David Dodson wearing ACSS Union shirt in Dana Point.
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