David Dodson To Provide New Leadership
For The Board Of Equalization 

Dodson Heads to November General Election Against Perennial Candidate Mike Schaefer


Dana Point, CA - In an underdog, grassroots campaign Board of Equalization Supervisor and Administrator David Dodson, Candidate for Board of Equalization 4th District, prevails in the top two primary.  Clearly voters recognized the need for responsible and knowledgeable leadership at the Board of Equalization. 


David has worked in Property Tax assessment at the BOE for thirty years. He runs the Southern California office of the Board of Equalization and is committed to using his expertise in this very specialized field to protect property tax rights while seeking innovative ways to support families and communities. David is a public servant, not a politician. This is his life’s work. 


  • Support Owner-Occupied home ownership. The family home is one of the few avenues for working and middle class families to build wealth.

  • Protecting the rights of taxpayers. Closing loopholes and providing transparency and access to build public trust and cooperation.

  • Supporting the department and the Assessors in their constitutional duty to fairly administer California's property tax system.

David Dodson in Dana Point Harbor

why is David dodson The Best Choice for the BOE?

David runs the Board of Equalization's Southern California office.

The Board of Equalization administers California's property tax system. Property taxes fund schools, community services, local amenities such as parks, beaches and emergency services.


30 years experience at the BOE, protecting your rights. I run the Southern California BOE office. Dedicated public servant.

Proudly served in the United States Coast Guard Reserve. I support sensible gun control laws.

David Dodson in Coast Guard uniform.


SEIU and ACSS. I have always contributed additional dues for political support.

Lobbied with my union at the state capitol. Strong Union family

David Dodson with surfboard at Doheny State Beach.

Pro-Choice, Equal Rights for All, Animal Advocate, PTA Treasurer, School Volunteer, Coach, and Referee.

David Dodson, canvassing for candidates in Laguna Beach.



Surfer, hiker, beach and trail cleanups.


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David Dodson at Doheny
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